Thursday, 8 August 2013

A Day in the Life of Lil the Illustrator

I have been very very bad at keeping this blog up to date... And for that I am SORRY. But time has literally flown away leaving a trail of paper and books behind for ME to clear up!

I've had quite an action packed couple of months, mostly involving magic, mystery and the Gilmore Girls.

Yes, yes, and plenty of WORK. I didn't want to jump straight in, but I could be accused of slacking here... That's certainly something I can't even begin to imagine happening right now. Not if I'm going to meet these deadlines anyway!

What HAVE I been up to, you ask?? Well, let's start with the MAGIC. I was lucky enough to see the amazing and astounding Derren Brown at the Palace Theatre in London. WHAT A MIND BLOWING SHOW. Unfortunately I wasn't open minded enough to get hypnotised, but it was incredible, what this man can do!!! He IS a genius. Or just magic.

Whilst at this particular show, Derren Brown will pick members of the audience at random by throwing a frisbee and whoever catches it, goes up on stage for whatever activity is being performed. Anyhoo, one man stood up and Derren asked him his name... "Hans" said the man in a deep German accented voice. "What do you do for a living?" asked Derren. "I'm a musician" said Hans. I jokingly whispered to my boyfriend, "Ha! Imagine that was Hans Zimmer!" Turns out, it bloody was!!!!!!!! I only know this, because I was intrigued and looked up what Hans Zimmer looked like a couple of days later, and there he was, the best composer of all time (for me anyway!) HANS ZIMMER, was in the SAME room as me and walked RIGHT past me!!!!! *GASP*

LOOK. There he is!

Starstruck swoon over.

So that was the magic and mystery.
The Gilmore Girls is another awesome area altogether. For those of you who have seen it, it's probably one of the best series ever. The characters sense of wit is just unbeatable and the conversations are on some kind of hyperdrive! I LOVE IT. It's one of those series that make you feel warm and fuzzy inside on an Autumn evening while Mum is cooking steak.

Onto to more relevant worky things... I've been to many a book launch lately for some incredibly wonderful books and illustrators/authors.

Firstly, let's talk about SEAWIGS!!! No, I haven't gone completely crazy... This is a fantastic new book written by the wondrous Phillip Reeve and beautifully illustrated by the lovely Sarah McIntyre. Look at this masterpiece!!!

I'm very much looking forward to reading this beauty!!! The book launch party took place on the incredible Golden Hinde ship at London Bridge. It has always been a dream of mine to get on that ship one day...Little did I know I'd be stepping onto it so soon! Here's the extremely talented illustrator & comic book artist Jamie Littler attempting to climb down into the cabins of the Golden Hinde!

AND as if that's not awesome enough, I was lucky enough to get this amazing 'Oliver & the Seawigs' goody bag!

The next brilliant book launch took place VERY near by, at the George Inn, celebrating the launch of 'Monster and Chips: Night of the Living Bread' written and illustrated by the awesome David O'Connell! AND there were CHIPS. Very very tasty chips might I add! Here are a few photos courtsey of Kim Hadden (check out her Flickr page here!)

Myself and the lovely Jodie Marsh of United Agents munching our chips. NOM.

The whole crew, including the great David O'Connell himself, Jodie Marsh, Jamie Littler, Julian Dickson, myself and Alex Milway. What a GREAT evening! Well done David!

I have been working super hard lately, or should I say super DUPER hard!!! I have just finished all the artwork for my upcoming comic book 'Super Duper Cat'. This book will be published by Oxford University Press. My comic will be alongside another fantastic strip by Robin Boyden, another fellow Pickled Ink artist and a rather brilliant one at that! Go see his work ------> HERE.

Here's a sneaky look at Super Duper Cat! Shhhhh, don't tell!

I've also just finished a little children's book called 'Rory Wants a Pet' published by Pearson. Here's another peek!

As I've said in a previous post, two board books of mine called 'Kittens' and 'Puppies' published by Boxer Books, will be out Spring 2014!
AAAAAND for the big one! I received my advance copy of my debut collaborative picture book 'Snowflakes', published by Scholastic. Snowflakes is released NEXT MONTH!!!!! September 2nd ^___^ Exciting times!!!

On that note (because I have written a LOT) I shall love and leave you with a couple of my latest creations... A cute penguin and a CAT.

Bye for now!