Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Tea, Cakes & Happy Things

Hello dearests,

And how are you?

Time for another blog update me thinks!

First for some good and relieving news... I FINISHED a double book project I've been working on for a while for Boxer Books.

Here's a sneaky peek at the covers!

But that's not the end, oh no, siree... I still have the rest of the HUGE mountain of work to concentrate on, and when you get told you don't have as much time as originally agreed to finish a huge 22 page comic, you start to panic.

It's times like these that you need something like THIS:

Yeh, that's right. A big fat chunk of freshly made succulent chocolate orange cake from the High Tea of Highgate teashop.

Idle Bindery's founder, Amy Kitcherside and myself took to the tea and cake one fine afternoon. It was like dying and going to Heaven, and MORE. The cakes are made THERE in front of you and it smells bloody amazing. It was a hard choose one cake I mean. Trust me, if I had a bigger belly in me (and a bigger wallet of cash might I add) I would have consumed the lot. Also, check out Amy's website, it's AMAZING... And involves tiny book earrings that are my personal favourites! HERE.

Back to the teashop...I mean, just LOOK at that spread... (The other cake is Lemon Drizzle. That is Amy's piece by the way. I did stick to one slice in the end. Moment on the lips, life time on the hips and all that jargon!)

Isn't there something incredibly satisfying about sugar cubes? I think so.

AND... Wait for it. It's worth the wait...

We didn't only have delicious cake and refreshing tea, we had a COW MILK POURER. A COW.

Isn't that just swell?!

A got a bit snap happy while I was in the tea shop...

The following weekend I had another jolly time at Highgate woods, which involved a picnic hamper, a frisbee, my wonderful boyfriend and two of my wonderful friends from my home county. They came all the way to London to visit me and have enjoyable times. The hamper was blimmin' amazing, and the frisbee game... Well, we may aswell have played IN the trees, since that's where it ended up most of the time.

And I have MORE happy things to show you! A little while back I mentioned how I'd received some glorious fan art from Evil Emperor Penguin fans. Well, I have it right HERE to show you!!! Take a look at these gems! I have to say, my favourite has to be Evil Penguin in his Mrs.Doubtfire style dress carrying his Asda bags. Good choice of supermarket I'd say. I always thought he'd end up shopping in Asda.

What a brilliant collection, I say!

Well, I shall have to love and leave you for now. But no fear, I'll be BACK!!! Just like the Terminator. But nicer.

Happy Wednesday lovely beans!

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