Sunday, 16 June 2013

Fuse Festival!

Why ello, ello!

I'm taking this opportunity to blog about this weekends festivities whilst I have the small chance...
ANYWAY, on Saturday 15th June, I took part in Chatham's annual Fuse Festival as part of the Monster's of Medway, which involved, well, you guessed it... MONSTERS. And lots of them. I worked alongside magnificent comic artists such as Gary Northfield, Jamie Littler, Neil Cameron, Alex Milway and David O'Connell, who produced this incredibly awesome poster to advertise the event.

Not only has he pinpointed everyone's look and personality JUST so, but he has also nailed my puking abilities. Well done David, good job there.

Lots and lots of excitable children joined in with drawing monsters of all shapes and sizes, with the odd robot, alien and even mermaid here, there and everywhere.

The Phoenix comic was also there with many a treat to give away and spread the Phoenix-y word! It truly was a brilliantly inspiring and also tiring day!

I'll be taking part in a lot of upcoming events/workshops from now on as The Phoenix comic grows and the launch of my picture book Snowflakes looms ever closer. Bring on the next big event I say!!!

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