Monday, 7 January 2013

A Few Things...

Hello lovely ones!

How are we all?!

I thought I'd post something nice today for your eyes. I have a few photos to share with you from over the past few festive weeks. The Christmas & New Year was a good'un and now it's back to some serious work! Crunch time, some would say. Aside from the books that are being published this year, I have lots of exciting events, including the big learn to drive! I'm doing a two week intensive course, so I'm hoping to be driving by March time depending on when I can book the test for. YIKES!

Back to Christmassy things, The Anderson Household have a tradition every year where Santa leaves his glitterly footprints all over the house! *gasp* And I can prove it...

I received some beautiful gifts for Christmas, including this lovely flower decoration from my wonderful Sister... My room is full of weird and wonderful hanging decorations and gizmos!

My hands also got into the Christmas spirit!

And how could we not include my squidgy not-so-little Scooby!

I hope you've enjoyed this random little blog post. More again SOON, I promise. :)

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