Wednesday, 2 January 2013


Hello my little monsters!

I hope you all had a marvellous magical Christmas full of jolliness and cake. I am pleased to announce a very VERY exciting year ahead, and today I shall tell you WHY.

Last year I was lucky enough to sign a big beasty contract with both Scholastic and Bloomsbury for some extremely awesome picture books.

My first picture book, 'Snowflakes' will be released this September 2013; a collaboration with cbeebies presenter Cerrie Burnell. Cerrie and myself will be collaborating for future picture books with Scholastic, which is very exciting indeed! I shall be starting work on my next picture book with Scholastic in the next couple of months ready for publication in 2014!

We have a while to wait for 'Snowflakes', but to tickle your taste buds in the mean time, here are a few other treats which are being published this year...

The first in line to be released is an educational play book, which is part of the 'Julia Donaldson Plays' called 'The Escape', written by Ms Geraldine McCaughrean and published by Pearson Education. Released on 14th January 2013, this is a very quirky story with memorable characters that truly involve kids within the story! You can pre-order this baby right here!

Next to be released April 11th 2013 is 'Rapunzel and the Prince of Pop' written by Karyn Gorman and published by Hachette. You can pre order and have a looksie at the blurb right here!

And then on May 22nd 2013, my next book 'Ampata and the Scarlet Macaws: A new retelling of two South American Tales' will be released. I'm particularly excited about this one!
Written by Benjamin Hulme-Cross and published by Pearson, I'm working on some very exciting spreads right now! Can't wait to show you all when it's eventually out in the world!

Alongside these exciting projects I am currently working on another children's picture book with Bloomsbury called 'Agatha' written by William Bee. Another book shall be following immediately after this, hopefully leading onto a very exciting series.

And amongst these crazy book type things, I've been working hard on my comic series 'Evil Emperor Penguin' with The Phoenix comic. Issue 4 of EEP will be out 18th January 2013 along with some very exciting EEP fan art to be presented in the comic.

PHEW! I think I've covered pretty much everything... FOR NOW. I've been a very busy bee, and it'll be a relief to actually SHOW you what I've been working so hard on when they're finally released! There's nothing more frustrating for an illustrator than working your bottom off for months then having to wait a year before being allowed to show ANYTHING.

ANYWAY, I do hope you've enjoyed having a catch up. I'm off to go rest these weary limbs now. And goodnight!

P.S. Since there's a sincere lack of pictures in this post, here's a picture of my dog Scooby to keep you sane...

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