Tuesday, 13 November 2012

A Silly Poem for No Particular Reason

I’m not sure how this came about,
Something in the air no doubt.
But what to place on this next line,
Perhaps a word we can’t define?

Who knows where this verse will go,
Until you read you just won’t know.
Or maybe you’re just wasting time,
By stopping now you’re wasting mine.

So how are you? What do you do?
I’ll tell you my name if you do too…
You must be bored if you’re still here,
Or really hate your job, I fear.

But yet you read, you hope for more?
Haven’t we been here before?
An endless circle on and on,
Every ounce of reason gone.

Welcome to verse number five,
You’re doing well, you CAN survive.
‘Cos pointless as this verse may be,
The end is nearing finally.

Let’s wrap it up and pat it down,
You really do deserve a crown.
You mighty being; patient, strong,
Show no mercy, do no wrong!

I think it’s clear, you may think not,
The meaning I have since forgot.
But do not fret you’ll see the light,
Hello, goodbye, farewell, good night.

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