Friday, 12 October 2012

Evil Emperor Penguin up to his old tricks

Issue 1 & 2 of Evil Emperor Penguin have shown their faces in The Phoenix Comic over the past couple of months, and Issue 3 is about to burst out into the open VERY soon oozing with more evil antics than you can fit into a tin can!

But it doesn't just end there... That tiny caped penguin is ONE determined little seabird who won't stop 'til his taken over that world. So WATCH OUT!

Issue 4 in progress shows some very suspicious behaviour...

I thought I'd also share with you a little sneak peek of my work desk (rather messy) BUT IT SHOWS I'M WORKING. Ahem. As you can see, I'm working HARD on the comic stuffs. A lot of evil going down!

And here's one corner of my room. My shrine some would say. I like to think it's like some magical den.


  1. He is one scary little penguin (related by chance to the one in the Wrong Trousers? a cousin perhaps?)and I can see the Cintiq! ooooh I want one!(hurriedly strokes Bamboo tablet : there, there, you're still my favourite...)

    1. Oooo perhaps he IS related to the little scary dude in The Wrong Trousers O_O In which case....RUN!!!!!

  2. Hello Lil! Just been catching up on your blog and spotted the Wacom Cintiq. Oh me oh my! What's that beastie like to use?! Love your shrine - bunting, toys, books, a string of butterflies... yep, all the important things are there! :-D