Friday, 6 July 2012

Quentin Blake and the Moth

This does sound like some kind of fantastical movie doesn't it. Let's treat them as two separate entities though... I think Quentin Blake deserves first mention.

So, on July 3rd 2012 I went to The House of Illustration Awards with Pickled ink intern Amy Kitcherside. It was a wonderfully productive evening mostly consisting of me squee-ing over the fact that Quentin Blake was present in the building. When I saw him walk into the room I couldn't quite contain myself. There, right in front of my eyes was my childhood hero; an inspiration to all illustrators.

After the award announcements I made my move. What a pleasant gentleman he was. An absolute pleasure to speak to. And he was kind enough to sign my little sketchbook! The proof is in the pudding (or below...) I have so much respect for the man, and what raised my respects EVEN more was when he pulled out a selection of fine liner pens from his pocket that he carried around with him. A true illustration legend right there.

Oh and the moth you're wondering?? Well, this little furball of joy was chilling on the window of the door watching me while I worked on my laptop at the kitchen table. Slightly unnerving, but not so much when you see how oddly cute he looks. He shall hereby be named, Sir Percival.

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