Friday, 6 July 2012

Each Little Witch

I had a little gander at some old folders of work lurking on my laptop, and found these little guys. I don't think I've ever let them loose in the world yet! They're a few characters from a rhyming story I made up around a year ago. This is reverting back to the no line style I used to experiment with quite a lot. I still love to work in this style, I just haven't produced anything like this for a while! Since I can't show you anything I'm working on right now as it's all very top secret (the publishers would probably shoot me with a bow and arrow if I showed you...) I'll probably post the odd piece of work from the past here and there, and the odd doodle of course. ENJOY my pretties!


  1. I forgot how much I love these. GET THEM INVOLVED!!

  2. I especially love the top one! Not only am I enjoying the cat battle, but also the fact she is wearing converse and leg warmers :D