Friday, 13 July 2012

Friday's Blog Post of Full of cr... FUN.

It's Friday, and THAT means it's BLOG DAY. However, I feel this name is a little bland, so I hereby name today GOLB DAY. Almost 'Gold', but not quite.

Anyway, do you ever get grumpy sometimes and just don't know why?! Well, this little character is grumpy, but to be honest, I don't know why... Any suggestions as to why she might be angry?? Do let me know. (In the form of a comment below would be SWELL, 'cause y'know, a little comment always puts a smile on my face...) :)

Secondly, here's a wee piccy I drew for my very special friend Amy Kitcherside for her birthday earlier this month...

Ever seen that Leonardo Dicaprio meme thing?... Well if you have, you'll totally appreciate this next image. Whilst drawing a panel in the second issue of my Phoenix comic, I realised, the penguin in mid-run resembled the famous Leo walk...If you haven't seen it, do yourself a favour and move on. You won't regret it. There's something waiting at the bottom of this blog post that you'll simply love.

Here's a cat.

Friday, 6 July 2012


Milton is the littlest vampire in Kendlewick City. He has many a story in the making, which have sadly had to be on hold while deadlines are being conquered. But I thought I'd introduce him to you since he's really not that bad, he likes a chat, and the odd bottle of tomato ketchup.

Quentin Blake and the Moth

This does sound like some kind of fantastical movie doesn't it. Let's treat them as two separate entities though... I think Quentin Blake deserves first mention.

So, on July 3rd 2012 I went to The House of Illustration Awards with Pickled ink intern Amy Kitcherside. It was a wonderfully productive evening mostly consisting of me squee-ing over the fact that Quentin Blake was present in the building. When I saw him walk into the room I couldn't quite contain myself. There, right in front of my eyes was my childhood hero; an inspiration to all illustrators.

After the award announcements I made my move. What a pleasant gentleman he was. An absolute pleasure to speak to. And he was kind enough to sign my little sketchbook! The proof is in the pudding (or below...) I have so much respect for the man, and what raised my respects EVEN more was when he pulled out a selection of fine liner pens from his pocket that he carried around with him. A true illustration legend right there.

Oh and the moth you're wondering?? Well, this little furball of joy was chilling on the window of the door watching me while I worked on my laptop at the kitchen table. Slightly unnerving, but not so much when you see how oddly cute he looks. He shall hereby be named, Sir Percival.

Each Little Witch

I had a little gander at some old folders of work lurking on my laptop, and found these little guys. I don't think I've ever let them loose in the world yet! They're a few characters from a rhyming story I made up around a year ago. This is reverting back to the no line style I used to experiment with quite a lot. I still love to work in this style, I just haven't produced anything like this for a while! Since I can't show you anything I'm working on right now as it's all very top secret (the publishers would probably shoot me with a bow and arrow if I showed you...) I'll probably post the odd piece of work from the past here and there, and the odd doodle of course. ENJOY my pretties!

Sunday, 1 July 2012