Thursday, 2 June 2011


Once again, I wanted to practice my digital painting skills whilst experimenting with characterisation, colour & composition. I feel this particular piece went rather well. It was a spur of the moment drawing really... I wanted to create something quite sweet and comforting. I find hugging always achieves this :)
Digital painting is so therapeutic, I can spend hours just refining an image more and more until I feel it's acceptable for the eyes of the public! (Perfectionism is something every illustrator suffers with I think...) and I like to think I can try to make an image look as if it has been hand-rendered... (sneaky stuff eh!)


  1. I swear (i shouldn't really, hur hur hur) that after a few days of dedicating to digital've completely nailed it. This is so can TOTALLY 'feel' the hug between these nice, AND it looks like you've coloured it with watercolour pencils or something! :D Beautiful!

  2. Really nice stuff, great composition and mood and everything. And it doesn't look digital at all. Nice colours too :)