Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Laura Ellen Anderson Illustration

I'm Laura Ellen Anderson, more so known as Lil, and ideas tend to fall out of my brain onto paper. And then I show you these doodles that fell out of my brain because you're lovely. I am very careful not to get brain juice on the illustration work I produce.
I love the universe, especially the moon. Anything that glows gains 110% of my attention within 0.27 seconds. I think I may have been a moth in a past life. This could explain my love for knitted jumpers. Yep I was definitely a moth.
My biggest dream is to one day work at Pixar studios in California as a Visual Development Artist. I want more than anything for this dream to become a reality and I'm going to work both my striped socks off to try my darn hardest to achieve that goal!

On a more realistic note...
Business cards & postcards will be available soon :)
A new website MAY be in the pipeline too, quite possibly, but you know what those pipes are like...Always getting blocked with other bits and pieces. Watch this webspace!

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