Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Laura Ellen Anderson Illustration

I'm Laura Ellen Anderson, more so known as Lil, and ideas tend to fall out of my brain onto paper. And then I show you these doodles that fell out of my brain because you're lovely. I am very careful not to get brain juice on the illustration work I produce.
I love the universe, especially the moon. Anything that glows gains 110% of my attention within 0.27 seconds. I think I may have been a moth in a past life. This could explain my love for knitted jumpers. Yep I was definitely a moth.
My biggest dream is to one day work at Pixar studios in California as a Visual Development Artist. I want more than anything for this dream to become a reality and I'm going to work both my striped socks off to try my darn hardest to achieve that goal!

On a more realistic note...
Business cards & postcards will be available soon :)
A new website MAY be in the pipeline too, quite possibly, but you know what those pipes are like...Always getting blocked with other bits and pieces. Watch this webspace!

Monday, 28 March 2011

First Published Children's Book!


I seem to have slacked a little at keeping this blog up to date recently, but I do have a perfectly good excuse, yes I dooo. I have been working my socks off for the past 5 months on two children's book commissions for the publishers Oxford University Press, and also Pearson Education.
I am very excited to say that the first completed book, 'Moya the Luck Child' is all done and dusted and available to pre-order on the Pearson website (hopefully Amazon at some point!) Here's a nice little link:


It has been a tiring few months since both book commissions have overlapped! Typical. But it was a darn good challenge and I wouldn't have it any other way!
The second book 'Aladdin' is still juuust on the horizon. I am working on amendments at the moment, but fingers crossed by April I'll be given the all clear! Woohoo! I shall keep you in the loop of course ;)
I promise to try and keep this blog more up to date from now on! Fingers crossed I'll have some more good news on the illustration front soon eh. There will many a picture being posted VERY soon though. Unfortunately I can't show you any of the book stuff as it's all top secret until publication!! Sshhhhh.
I feel so lucky to have been landed with these two amazingly fun commissions and I have an incredible agent, Charlie Bowden of Pickled ink Illustration Agency, who has been SUCH a great support. I really couldn't ask for a better agent!!
Lastly a big fluffy thank you to all you lovely followers for being so supportive and reading my blog, not to mention the wonderfully encouraging comments :) You're all simply AWESOME!
Ciao for now m'dearies. This won't be the last of me.

Monday, 14 March 2011

Red Nose Day

A little something to go towards comic relief :)