Friday, 25 February 2011

The secret is revealed!

So some of you may know, yesterday I started working on a surprise artwork! Well HERE it is! I have never realistically painted in Photoshop before so this was an experimentation piece to see if I could actually do it or not!
Obviously it's a still-shot from my favourite movie 'Moon'. What else??!! I absolutely love that particular shot in the movie, so I really wanted to capture the atmosphere and mood.
To answer any questions... no i did not work over a photo, it's all done from scratch...a blank white photoshop canvas. I used the paintbrush tool at different opacities and sizes to create the desired effect, and of course quite a few layers! This was a really good exercise to work on my observational skills, since I haven't really done any observational work in a looong time. That tends to happen when you live in an illustrators fantasy world. Most images are completely made up. Which I LOVE don't get me wrong...but i felt i needed to prove to myself i COULD still create something realistic.
ANYWAY, enough babble, i hope you like it! And if you haven't seen the film, then i suggest you go watch it! An hour and a half or perfection i say :)


  1. Ahhh this is soo good! So so so so SO good! Amazing. I love it. xx

  2. Wow, this is brilliant :-)
    Photoshop can be tricky, but such a great tool once you get the hang of it. I am still learning and have mostly only used it for graphic design and photo editing. Maybe I should try illustrating in Photoshop....


  3. like it lil, still likin the film hah.x