Tuesday, 11 January 2011


Hello again lovely people!
So the theme of this illustration is '2011 New Year'. Over the next few months I have to design an illustration based on a theme for each month i.e. January = New Year/New beginning etc, February = Valentines Day/Leap Year... These illustrations will be featuring on each Pickled ink newsletter which is sent out to publishers/clients each month.
Anyway, back to the current theme of new year...I had no idea what to do. What could I draw in my style that could represent January??....After much thought I decided I'd run with this image and do something a bit crazy (as usual). I thought about all of my favourite things I like to draw and then put them all together to create one lively illustration! Of course adding a little phrase to put the illustration in context... 'Free Your Imagination in 2011'; because that's exactly what i'll be doing, and what you see before you are just some of what will be emerging from my brain this year. Hope you like it :)

Just for a laugh I'm going to include the older version of this image in this post. Can you spot the difference?? Maybe this illustration would be more appropriate in 18,000 years time?.....mmmmm.


  1. This is great! Love the catchphrae "free your imagination'. Im positive the newsletters are going to be a standout!

  2. Brilliant! I love the cupcake tree! <3