Monday, 20 September 2010

Lil is back.

Hello illustrationeers and happy people.
It's been a while, but lots of new things for you to take a lookie at over a nice cup of tea. I am very much enjoying being a part of Pickled ink Illustration Agency, and illustrating 'til my eyes fall out.
I am now on the tweeting world:
And I have recently participated in an online interview on the Dot Design website:
I stumbled across my work on the House of Illustration news page, accompanying the article promoting the Pickled ink award:
Over the past month I have met Duncan Jones, director of my MOST favourite film ever, Moon... and spoke to the concept artist Gavin Rothery who is also awesome. I also went to the Merlin Q & A in London where I was a few feet away from big names such as Anthony Head and Richard Wilson (who i just want to hug!)
Now for that cup of tea and new illustration work all floating around below :)

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