Thursday, 30 September 2010

Saving London and Lilly Candlewick

I have been an extremely busy bee! Firstly here's an image i submitted to an illustration competition for a London and Brighton based magazine, about saving energy. It was also a nice excuse to draw lots of glowy things!

And this is a character I have had in my head for ages. She keeps cropping up in my work, so I thought it was time to give her her very own illustration...and maybe her own book! Hello Lilly candlewick :)

Friday, 24 September 2010

Monday, 20 September 2010

Lil is back.

Hello illustrationeers and happy people.
It's been a while, but lots of new things for you to take a lookie at over a nice cup of tea. I am very much enjoying being a part of Pickled ink Illustration Agency, and illustrating 'til my eyes fall out.
I am now on the tweeting world:
And I have recently participated in an online interview on the Dot Design website:
I stumbled across my work on the House of Illustration news page, accompanying the article promoting the Pickled ink award:
Over the past month I have met Duncan Jones, director of my MOST favourite film ever, Moon... and spoke to the concept artist Gavin Rothery who is also awesome. I also went to the Merlin Q & A in London where I was a few feet away from big names such as Anthony Head and Richard Wilson (who i just want to hug!)
Now for that cup of tea and new illustration work all floating around below :)

Dragon on the Page

First page of my four page comic strip Dragon on the Page.

Sneak Peek! Children's Book teaser trailer.

Colourscript style sheet with comic-strip style illustrations; packed full of bold outlines and vibrant colour, action, and maybe the odd star...

And this little guy may very well be appearing again soon.


Stargazer continued...

Concept artwork. More coming soon!

Wild Apple Boy

Wild Apple Boy is back! He shall be travelling all the way to Frankfurt to show off his green shades at the Frankfurt Book Fair next month. Wish him luck!

Wild Apple Design

I was asked by my agent to produce some promotional stickies designs for Pickled Ink's business partners Wild Apple Design.
Here are a few designs I came up with. The final chosen design was the girl holding the basket of apples...(with the awesome jumper!)
My agent and I both liked the wild apple boy. But no fear, he'll appear again!

Reading Dragon...

Because Dragon's love to read too.

Also the star of my Twitter page design...Follow me.

Marie, the awesome lil' sister of mine.

She is a pro on the piano (and the violin for that matter!) Love you Marie xx

Family and 2D

Yes, my parents are superheroes and my friends are part of an action adventure comic.

Happy Pal: Monty

Submission for Anorak Magazine's Happy Pal competition.


Some concept type artwork to be developed in the future.

Characters & Creatures, Bits & Bobs

Some bits and pieces that randomly pop into my head.

Smile in a Box

A sneak peek of some illustration work I'm currently working on for a new up and coming business called Smile in a Box started up by a lovely lady Sarah Bartley. Maybe one day you'll receive a Smile in a Box... :)


To celebrate my 22nd year of living I decided to have a little tea party in my nan's forest garden. There were a lot of cakes, more cakes and....more cake. I thought I'd add a little creativity to the invitation. Then as I had tea on the brain (that's right, not coffee for once...) I had this urge to draw some lovely teacups.
Tea anyone?