Sunday, 8 August 2010


This is Herbie. This is the beginning of a long line of adventures for the little guy.

Moon and Merlin

Sunday, 1 August 2010


Blogging has been non-existant over the past few weeks due to some top secret projects on the go...Okay, well they're not exactly 'Top Secret', but that makes it sounds so much better. Anyway, a new book is currently on the agenda...9 double page spreads down, 3 to go. Recent work has proved to be particularly influenced by the more graphic design approach, especially the Bauhaus style...I have turned to the dark side. Straight lines, geometric shapes and incorporating slick typography into the design. New work coming soon.
In the meantime, admire the newest member of my family...This is Boomer.


This is amazing. And my current message/ring tone on my phone. Because I'm a geek.

Gremlins Theme Song

I might go draw some Gremlins.