Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Wouldn't it be nice... just go sit on a cloud and stare into space for a while? And not have to think about anything at all. And maybe just listen to nothing but the rain. I like listening to the rain. Especially when i'm snuggled up warm in bed, my window is open and all I can hear is the water gently sprinkling the garden. Then I'll tell you what's really lovely...that wet pavement smell you get when it's been raining on a summer's evening. I like that.


After three years of the sea, castle, scones, sandy beaches, fine-liner pens and gouache paint, I successfully graduated from University College Falmouth with a First Class Honours Illustration Degree. Feeling chuffed for a short while, it soon dawned on me the reality of the big wide world, and the realisation that the student discount would no longer exist.
The New Designers Exhibition went very well. Most Falmouth graduates gained interest in one form or another which is great. I sold my Moondream print which I was very pleased about. I am now being represented by an Illustration Agency in London called Pickled Ink, and I have been offered a job in West Sussex at a greetings card company. I'm working on a commission designing a website, and in my spare time I'm writing and illustrating a new children's book.
So, here goes.

Just to add; Inception is an insanely good movie. Go see it. Oh AND the soundtrack. Go listen to it.