Monday, 12 April 2010

THE ULTIMATE EASTER CHALLENGE: Numero 23: Venus Fly Trap Goes Veggie by Only Eating Vegetarians (12/04/2010)

This illustration was my Mother's idea, and I felt i should slip it sneakily into the challenge early to celebrate the purchase of my new Venus Fly Trap plant. I bought it from Trebah Gardens yesterday on my adventures.
It's such a fun novelty plant to own and has so much character! Mum suggested having the plant eating someone, leaving only their legs visible, wearing a pair of converse or something. To make it ironic, i made the victim a vegetarian. So we have the idea that this carnivorous plant who's turned vegetarian.........because he only eats vegetarians. Simple as that. Oh and the plant is named Percy Seymour. He is very pleased to meet you. Especially if you're Vegetarian...(which i am......hmmmm didn't think that one through did i....)

1 comment:

  1. Fantastic :D

    I always get strange looks when people find out I'm vegan and grow carnivorous plants... Haven't been eaten yet though.