Wednesday, 24 March 2010

THE ULTIMATE EASTER CHALLENGE: Numero 4: Runaway bicycle (24/03/2010)

Well here we are again. I'm going to admit I had trouble with this one. I had the picture in my head, but couldn't seem to get it out onto paper traditionally or sort it out digitally for that matter. So instead of my usual fully rendered style I decided to go for the doodle approach. I mean, there's nothing wrong with a random doodle. And to be honest, I feel this rough pencil style scanned in has a lovely loose feel to it. It's nice to see something a bit different. Throughout this challenge i want to demonstrate a variety of techniques to make a little more exciting! This picture shows a runaway bicycle. His owner was going to throw him away, so he escaped into space where he meets these crazy characters (including Sam Rockwell of course...) and learns to speak space language.

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