Friday, 15 January 2010

Bertie Bakes...

This is Bertie. He's not really sure why he's here. Neither am i. He was a product of some experimentation with my new Wacom Bamboo graphics tablet in Adobe Photoshop. He loves to bake, but isn't quite sure what he wants to bake. You'll see more of this little guy in the not too distant future, so brace yourselves!

Monster Mountain

Concept artworks so far for a new children's book in progress called 'Monster Mountain'. A story based around four mischievous monsters who live in Monster Mountain. Here they create many complicated 'Bad Dream' formulas in the Mixing Room, which are then distributed to the children of the world. Each monster has their very own category of bad dream. So next time you wake up screaming, you know why.....those blasted monsters have been busy again. Watch this space for more deliciously nightmarish monsters.

Cats on the Shelf

A book cover in progress for a narrative i have in my head.....based around three china cats who live on a shelf in a very rich lady's house. They dream of living like a normal cat. It would be much more exciting! But things don't always go to plan. 'Cats on the Shelf' coming soon, to a blog near you.

A set of three book covers for Hans Christian Andersen's fairytale stories.