Saturday, 5 December 2009


WELCOME. hi, hello...yes, well, now what to put here? Some work maybe? Okay, I shall post some illustrationy type things on here for those who are remotely interested. If you're not, then obviously you are a little bit, otherwise you wouldn't be on here...and if you stumbled upon this quite by accident, then HI I'M LIL. Have a look around, and a cuppa.


  1. Laura
    I just had the most enjoyable time scrolling through your blog. Your work is amazing!!
    I love your super hero family:) the magazine cover, the polka dots and the reading dragon just to name a few. The magical way you illuminate the dark or your "glowy" effect, as you call it, is just incredible and a delight to view.
    Being a christian I flinched a little when I read about the pagan poster assignment but after viewing what you came up with I thought even that was tastefully and beautifully done...koodos:) I also loved your children's books, are you published? I would love to get a copy of some of them. Are you going to do the Easter series in 2011? I look forward to enjoying more of your work, you are a true inspiration.
    Thanks for an enjoyable evening.
    Blessings Tammany
    p.s. you started your blog on my son's birthday:):)

  2. Hi Tammany!
    So sorry it has taken me forever to reply, but i just want to say a HUGE thank you for your truly inspiring and encouraging comment :) It was an absolute pleasure to read and I am so so glad that i could be an inspiration to you to :)
    Plus, funny you should say you're a Christian, I am a Christian to! And your message came at a time I was feeling a little low about my work...I'm thinking God had a part to play in this!!! Hehe. Isn't he amazing!
    Also the fact that my blog started on your son's seems to all fit right into place!
    Oh and I think i shall do an Easter Challenge again in 2011 :D It was jolly good fun and keeps me on my toes!
    I'm also thinking of illustrating a Noah's Ark book for children so it's an enjoyable and fun way to encourage them :)
    Thank you again :)
    Hope you and your son are well,
    God Bless,