Sunday, 6 December 2009

Little Star

Here is a selection of double page spreads for a children's book I have written and illustrated called 'Little Star'. I used gouache paint and watercolour pencil to try and create depth to make the illustrations feel more than just drawings. I wanted to show the strong contrast in light and dark, creating a friendly warm atmosphere even though it's set in space. I hope I've achieved that! I got quite attached to the characters when creating this book! Aaah I love being able to create weird and wonderful characters! Being an illustrator is pretty much the best thing since sliced bread (granary of course)...and coffee...


  1. I'd change the font if you can! It looks a little too clean-cut, and doesn't quite suit your artwork. Also, the placement of the text seems a little... cluttered maybe? Your panel compositions look nice and spacious, but the text doesn't look like it's had quite as much attention paid to it in this way.

    All that said, the text suits the cover. It's a nice looking book! Some beautiful colour choice, and I'm loving the soft textures.

  2. Thanks for the feedback Marcel! I'll definately take that on board :D I was thinking of hand-reandering the font actually, I may come back to it in the future and rearrange some of the panels to accomodate for the text, and experiment. I will be completely honest in that the text didn't have quite as much attention paid to it. It was kind of a last minute thing, so you're totally right! Originally, the book was going to be completely wordless, but some sections required a small amount of text. But I'm glad the textures give the right feel :)