Sunday, 6 December 2009

London Zoo Project

I have just started another promotional project. I plan on creating a whole pack aimed at young children (probably around 8-12 years) promoting London Zoo. The pack will include an A3 poster of which I have a mock up version above, and various other bits and bobs including an animal facts booklet, masks, stickers, activity sheets, cardboard lunchbox etc etc. I have literally only just started the project this week sooooo there's a lot to do! I want to get it completely finished over the Christmas break with a trip to London Zoo on the agenda!



I am slowly getting this blog as up to date as possible...So here are some spreads from another children's book of mine called 'Lilamonster'. Enjoy :)

Little Star

Here is a selection of double page spreads for a children's book I have written and illustrated called 'Little Star'. I used gouache paint and watercolour pencil to try and create depth to make the illustrations feel more than just drawings. I wanted to show the strong contrast in light and dark, creating a friendly warm atmosphere even though it's set in space. I hope I've achieved that! I got quite attached to the characters when creating this book! Aaah I love being able to create weird and wonderful characters! Being an illustrator is pretty much the best thing since sliced bread (granary of course)...and coffee...

Saturday, 5 December 2009


WELCOME. hi, hello...yes, well, now what to put here? Some work maybe? Okay, I shall post some illustrationy type things on here for those who are remotely interested. If you're not, then obviously you are a little bit, otherwise you wouldn't be on here...and if you stumbled upon this quite by accident, then HI I'M LIL. Have a look around, and a cuppa.